Gorakhpur Hotels Accommodation

Situated on the eastern tip of the state of Uttar Pradesh; the city of Gorakhpur shares borders with the neighboring country of Nepal. The city is considered a gateway for traveler’s transversing between the two countries and is an important commercial and religious centre of the country. Gorakhpur is base for the Jain, Hindu, Sikh and Buddhist religions and over the years has developed into an important commercial centre as well. Gorakhpur boasts of numerous Buddhist historical sites and locations and is known to be seat of the ‘Nath’ community. Most of the books on Hindu and Buddhist religion are printed in Gorakhpur and then circulated to other parts of the country.

The city of Gorakhpur has great relevance according to historical data available. It is believed that the great Gautam Buddha; renounced his princely status in search of truth on the confluence of rivers Rohini and Rapti. Gorakhpur played an important part in India’s struggle for freedom from the British rule as well. The founder of the Azad Hind Fauz or the INA which took to the British rulers; Late Sachindra Nath Sanyal lived in Gorakhpur. The city is located on the banks of river Rapti, which originates from the neighboring country Nepal and is a tributary of the holy river Ganges. Gorakhpur is also famous for Kushinagar, an area on the outskirts of the city where Lord Buddha is believed to have died. It is a major source of tourist attraction with travelers from all parts of the world coming here to visit the spot.

Alternatively there are numerous other spots within Gorakhpur of tourist interest and because of whom travelers frequent the city. Places like the ‘Sahid Smarak of Chauri Chaura’, ‘Taramandal Planetarium’, ‘Geeta Vatika’, ‘and Rail Museum’ etc. are some of the places of tourist’s interest from the long list which is present in Gorakhpur. There are several religious landmarks within the city of Gorakhpur as well which have great historical value. Places like the’ Imam Bara’, ‘Gorakhnath temple’, ‘Shani Dev Mandir’ etc. are a few of the many religious landmarks which are present in the city.

Gorakhpur constitutes more of service based industries rather than production base. A few terracotta products and some hand-woven fabrics are considered to be the hall mark of Gorakhpur but the percentage contribution of these in the overall economic setup of the city is minimal. The city is well connected with other parts of the country with an effective road, air and rail network. The Gorakhpur railway station is an important junction and connects to all major centres and cities of the country. The city also has services of an airport which caters to a few domestic flights apart from being a base for the Indian Air Force.

Gorakhpur is an important destination for religious travelers especially the one’s who intend to visit the Buddhist pilgrimage sites as well as for those who wish to travel further to Nepal. Of late the service industry has seen tremendous growth and there have been various players who have commenced operations as service providers. These services of which accommodation is an important facet are very well planned and accounted for in Gorakhpur. There are numerous hotels and guest houses which provide effective accommodation in Gorakhpur to travelers. Travelers can avail accommodation in Gorakhpur according to their budgets and requirements as these service providers provide accommodation solutions in various price segments.