Ghaziabad Hotels Accommodation

Located on the banks of river Hindon; Ghaziabad city is amongst the most prominent cities of the north Indian state of Uttar Pradesh. Ghaziabad is situated approximately 20 kms on the eastern side of the capital city of the country New Delhi and is amongst the few industrial cities of the state of UP. Named after its founder ‘Ghazi-ud-din’; Ghaziabad which was in ancient times also known as ‘Ghaziuddinnagar’ is an important industrial base with quite a few major industrial units present. It is a major centre for manufacturing industry with manufacturing units making railway coaches, glassware, heavy chains, bicycles etc. being present in and around Ghaziabad. The city is also home to a Defence Ordinance Factory and “Bharat Electronics Ltd.” which is a major producer of defence related products. The traces of city of Ghaziabad can also be found in various historical references and manuscripts available and according to these; the city has always played an important economic role since historical times.

Ghaziabad is also a prominent feature in the Indian struggle for freedom from the British, with one of the battles between the Indian Soldiers and the British during the 1857 mutiny being fought on the banks of river Hindon in order to protect it from being taken over by the British. The city was used primarily as a picnic spot by the Mughal emperors during their rule. It is also believed that the famous Jat Ruler; Raja Surajmal was assassinated near Ghaziabad by the people of the Rohilla clan.

Ghaziabad because of being in close proximity with the capital city of the country and sharing its borders is also known as the Gateway to the state of Uttar Pradesh. The city is also very well connected with other parts of the state and the rest of the country through an effective road, rail and air network. Being close to the city of Delhi, Ghaziabad does not have a dedicated airport facility and shares the Delhi international airport as the air link. Alternatively, the city also has an effective rail and road network and is accessed from these modes by travelers to ingress and egress from the city.

Industrial production is the main economic driver for the city of Ghaziabad and warrants for a lot of floating population which frequent the city primarily for commercial reasons. This has lead to increase demand for effective and appropriate accommodation solutions in the city. Being in close proximity to the capital city of the country proves as an advantage as lot of people frequenting Ghaziabad prefers to look for accommodation in the capital city. There are various accommodation options which are available for travelers who do not want to commute between the capital city and Ghaziabad.

Hotels like ‘Shipra Hotel’, ‘Hotel Mela Plaza’ and ‘Hotel Anu da Rendezvous’ are some of the choicest hotels in the city of Ghaziabad which serve as a perfect accommodation solution for the travelers in the city.