India Gate

India Gate, located in New Delhi, is the most famous war memorial in India. It is a very popular place to visit in Delhi, especially in the evenings when the temperatures are low and the India Gate is bathed in light. It looks very pretty and romantic.

India Gate is made to resemble a big entrance gate, with a neatly maintained garden, and fountains nearby. It is located at Rajpath.

India Gate was dedicated to the nation by Lord Irwin in 1931. The foundation stone was laid by Lord Connaught 10 years earlier. It was designed by Lutyens, the architect of the modern New Delhi.

The gate was originally built to commemorate the memory of over one lakh Indian and British soldiers who were killed in the First World War and later in the Afghan Wars.

After India gained independence from the British, Amar Jawan Jyothi (flame of the immortal soldier) and the tomb of the Unknown Soldier were added to the original structure, after the successful war with Pakistan in 1971. Indira Gandhi, the then Prime Minister of India, unveiled these on the India Gate on January 26 (the Republic Day of India), 1972.

India Gate has a height of 42 meters. There are four torches of flame on the four corners of the India Gate. These torches are always kept burning. The foundation of the structure was constructed using Bharatpur stones. The whole structure iss made of black marble. A rifle and a soldier’s cap are placed on top of the structure, with the word “Amar Jawan” (immortal soldier) inscribed under it on all sides. The word “INDIA” is also inscribed on both sides of the gate.

Most of the official functions of national importance involve paying homage to the memory of soldiers on India Gate. The same ritual also takes place when foreign dignitaries come to Delhi.

India Gate, with its massive manicured gardens, well laid canals are a haven for children form all walks of life to play in the summer. The vast area of the garden and the well-manicured lawn provide fitting atmosphere for picnic or activities of relaxation.

India Gate is situated in the heart of New Delhi and is illuminated at night. This makes it very popular among locals and foreigners who throng to see it at night. It is also customary to have ice-cream while at India Gate, not only to provide a respite from the heat of New Delhi but also to sample the local New Delhi ice-cream.

India Gate is best seen by hiring a car in Delhi. Please contact us for details.

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