Mysore Hotels Accomodation

The second largest city of Indian State of Karnataka, the multi faceted city of Mysore situated on the foothills of Chamundi Hills is a favorite destination for travelers and tourists especially during the festival season of Dasara. The city of Mysore apart from being a much thronged city during the festival season is also very well known world wide for various other traditional things of importance like the Mysore Silk Sarees, Mysore Peta (traditional style of turban), style of painting and a world renowned and famous sweet dish called the Mysore Pak.

Legend has is it that the area around the city was once ruled by Mahishasura, famous demon in Hindu mythology, who was killed by Goddess Chamundeshwari. The goddess’s temple is also situated on top of Chamundi Hills and is a favorite and well frequented place for people from all walks of life. The city was an importance centre for various activities during the ancient rule of Wodeyars who had Mysore the capital of the region. In the year 1831, the capital city was shifted to Bangalore during the British rule and was again shifted back to Mysore in 1881 when power to rule was handed back by the Britisher’s to the Wodeyars. The epitome of historical reference; the Mysore Palace was the centre of administrative activities during their rule; a site which is now a major tourist attraction and driver into the city.

Apart from tourism; industries like weaving, bronze work, lime and salt production and sandalwood carving are considered to be the forte of Mysore and are other major contributors to the cities economy. In a survey conducted in the year 2001, the city was rated as the 5th best city in India to conduct business in. Mysore city, although being devoid of an airport is otherwise quite well connected with the other parts of the state and the country through an effective and efficient road and rail network to Bangalore. This easy and hassle free connectivity is an added bonus for travelers who come into the city making tourism and travel one of the most potent revenue generating stream for Mysore, Bangalore & Karnatka.

Mysore being an important tourist destination with numerous places and locations of tourist’s interest also does have ample availability of accommodation especially for people coming in. In fact, Mysore was one of the first planned cities of Asia and influx of travelers and their specific requirements like accommodation during their stay in the city have been very well planned and provided for.

Hotels like ‘Sandesh: The Prince’, ‘Sunlarge Homestay’, ‘Maurya Residency’ are some of the Mysore hotels which provide effective accommodation solutions to travelers and are very well known service providers not in the city of Mysore but other parts of the country as well. Apart from these effective accommodation solutions providers there are various Mysore budget hotels as well as resorts and guest houses in and around Mysore. Alternatively; there are some of the choicest and luxurious spas in and around Mysore which make the travelers visit to the city effective and complete.