Coorg Hotels Accomodation

The hilly town on the western ghats of the South western region of Karnataka, Coorg is primarily a rural town with agriculture and forestry being the main economic drivers. Coorg is the anglicized name of Kodagu and the district is bordered by a couple of districts of Kerala on one side and Mysore district on one eastern side. Coorg is famous for the origin of river Kaveri, which originates at Talakaveri on the eastern side of Western Ghats. The forests in and around Coorg is also famous for its wildlife and there are three wildlife sanctuaries and one national park situated here. Asian elephant, leopard, tiger, boar etc. are some of the fauna species that are found in the jungles around Coorg apart from different deer families which originate here.

The traditional ancient inhabitants of Coorg were known as the Kodavas. They were traditionally warriors and agriculture farmers. Till date the rituals and traditions which are followed by the local residents of Coorg, are based primarily on the military and agricultural prowess of the ancestors. Coorg is also famous for the festivals that are organized here. The festival of arms known as Kalipodhu, Kaveri Shankaramana and the Puttari, which is a thanksgiving festival to the harvest season are the three famous festivals which are organized in Coorg.

Being primarily a rural agricultural region; Coorg is a well known destination for plantations and agriculture forestry. Coffee, Rice and other crops which are cultivated in the Coorg region make it one of the most prosperous parts of the state of Karnataka. It is one of the largest producers of Coffee in the country and it is considered as the major cash crop of the region.

Coorg is most easily accessible through the road network. The nearest railway station is Hassan, Mysore and Mangalore International Airport is the nearest air link which is approximately 200 kms away. Of late there has been a spurt of influx of people into the region and tourism has been gaining a lot of importance as a major economic contributor to the region. There are various places of tourist’s interest like Talakaveri, Nisargadhama, Abbey Falls, Iruppu Falls and Bhangamandala etc. in Coorg. Bhangamandala is situated at the confluence of river Kaveri and Kanika. All these locations has made Coorg a preferred destination for travelers who wish to explore the scenic beauty of rural India and want to run away from the hustle and bustle of other bigger and busier towns.

Exclusive and exceptional accommodation alternatives are offered by various hotels and resorts which have opened up in Coorg. Resorts like Orange County Resort, Bethel Home Stay, Club Mahindra Resort, Homey Valley Estate etc are some of the few from the long list of accommodation service providers which operate in the region. All these resorts or hotels which offer accommodation and other ancillary services in Coorg region are counted amongst the best in service providers in class and offer top of the line and exceptional service standards for their guests. There is no dearth of accommodation solutions for travelers coming into Coorg as all these hotels and resorts have been made keeping in mind the needs and requirements of the travelers who primarily throng the region on leisure trips.