Bangalore Hotels Accomodation

The capital city of Indian state of 'Karnataka'; Bangalore or "Bangaluru" is one of the cosmopolitan cities of the country. Apart from these two names; Bangalore is also known as the Garden City of the country because of various famous gardens and parks which have been made all across. Alternatively it has also been known as the "Silicon Valley" of India, because of presence of worlds and the countries topmost Information Technology companies and the role that they have played in IT research and development and pasting the name of the city on the world map. Bangalore because of its cosmopolitan nature and other important factors is the countries third most populous city after Mumbai and Delhi.

Apart from being a hub for software and information; the city of Bangalore is also an important business destination with almost all major business houses in various fields having their offices in the city. Apart from being an important business hub, Bangalore is also home to various important and famous educational and research institutes.

The city of Bangalore also has an important historical presence and reference. The city was one of the major centres of power and control over the entire southern India during the British raj. The cantonment of Bangalore was set up by the British rulers as the major control centres from where the activities and affairs of the entire south India were controlled. The city also boasts of a lot of historical and cultural landmarks such as the Bangalore Palace, Vidhan Soudha, Nandi Temple, Lal Bagh Glass House etc. Apart from these historical and cultural monuments, the city also has quite a few fresh water lakes and tanks.

The city is a major economic hub and overall contributor in the countries economic scenario. The city is thronged by people of diverse cultures and backgrounds from all across the country as well as the globe. The focus of the local civic administration at the moment is to plug all the loop holes and drawbacks of the city infrastructure in order to ensure that the residents as well as the visitors are able to have a comfortable living environment. There have been various initiatives which have been taken in order to improve the living standards and infrastructure condition of the city.

Tourists coming into the Bangalore for the first time will never face a problem in terms of accommodation offerings. One can easily find various accommodation options as per their specific requirements and budgets in various parts of the city. One can choose from a host of luxury & budget hotels, service apartments, rental accommodations in Bangalore, resorts etc. depending upon their specific requirements. Commuting within the city of Bangalore is quite easy and hassles free as there is an efficient public transport system which is controlled by the local civic administration body along with various public and private car rental companies running their operations.