Calcutta Hotels Accomodation

Calcutta, also known as Kolkatta is the capital city of the State of West Bengal, Calcutta; has a relatively important and significant historical past. The city of Calcutta had the distinction of being the capital city of India during the British rule till the year 1911. The city is located on the eastern coast of the country on the banks of river Hoogly. The city has been in the thick of action in the avenues of education, science, culture and politics especially during the British rule. Calcutta and other parts of the state is a stronghold of the left political parties and to an extent their ideology and action have resulted in what can be termed as an economic slowdown, stagnating the growth of industries and other areas of the city as well as the entire state. The city of Calcutta will always be remembered for its illustrious historical past, be it the role it played in the freedom struggle movement of the country from the British rule, or the trade union movements or the initiation and propagation of the leftist or Marxist movement ideology.

Calcutta played a very significant role during the British rule, apart from being a presidency city and the headquarters of the Bengal Presidency; the Britisher's used the city as a regional base for their troops. In this city the seeds of freedom movement and movements like boycott of English goods started and had a widespread effect which alternatively spread to the rest of the country. Calcutta is the main business and commercial hub of the entire eastern region, infact at times supporting and sourcing goods and materials for far east and north east regions. Apart from this it is the only city in the entire eastern region which has an international airport and the cities airport is a busy military and commercial destination.

Calcutta is the first city in the country to have an underground rail transport city for local commuting. It is also the only city in the country where the traditional modes of public transport like trams still operate. The city plays an important role in the field like education with some of the countries most prestigious colleges being present here. Apart from this the city has a rich cultural and historical heritage with various historical monuments and places present till date. Dakshineshwar Kali Temple, National Library, Tipu Sultan Mosque, Vidyasagar Setu, Calcutta High Court building are some of the buildings of historical value in the city. Being a typical cosmopolitan city, infact being the third largest cosmopolitan city of the country, it is plagued with issues and problems similar to other cities of the country.

Being an important centre of business and other activities of the entire eastern region of the country, Calcutta is frequented by various people from all parts of the country and the world. one can easily find accommodation for staying in the city even if they or on a short trip or wish to have a longer stay in the city. the city is also famous for its patronage towards various sports with Football and Cricket being the most commonly sought after and followed games.