Haridwar Hotels Accommodation

Counted amongst one of the holiest cities of the country; Haridwar is an important town in the north Indian state of Uttarakhand. The name Haridwar means ‘Gateway to God’ and commensurate to its name the city has great historical and religious lineage attached to it. Haridwar is the city where the great Indian holy river Ganges descends into the plains from the mountain region of Himalayas. According to historical legend it is amongst one of the four places where celestial bird Garuda dropped the potion of immortality which in the local language is known as ‘Amrit’. The exact place in Haridwar where ‘Amrit’ fell is known as ‘Brahma Kund’ in “Har ki Paudi’. ‘Har Ki Paudi’ means in the footsteps of the God. The ghats of Har ki Paudi are considered to be the most sacred ghats in the country to take bath or a dip in the holy waters of the river Ganges especially during the festival season. This bath or dip in Ganges especially during the festivals is considered auspicious and is believed to wash away individual’s sins that he or she might have committed during their life. 

Haridwar is amongst the four cities of the country where the historical religious festival known as “Kumbh Mela” is celebrated every three years. Hindu’s from across the country visit the city with the ashes of their departed ancestors or family members which are immersed in the holy Ganga in Haridwar with the hope that the beloved departed soul will attain salvation. Haridwar has always remained a leader in Ayurvedic and herbal medicines; products of which are exported to different part s of the globe. It is also considered as an important centre for learning, culture, science and various art forms.

Haridwar is considered home of the Hindu religion and entire ancestral record details of each and every Hindu family is maintained by designated people. These designated people are known as “Pandas” according to Hindu dialect and they are in charge of family tree historical records. Each and every Hindu family will have a designated Panda who will have details of individual’s ancestors with their names and other details. Hindus are required to visit these Pandas while in Haridwar to get their family details updated for the reference of future generations. Apart from the famous ghats; there are other renowned places of tourists interest in Haridwar which are must visit for travelers. Places like the ‘Maya Devi Temple’, ‘Mansa Devi Temple’, ‘Sati Kund’, ‘Jairam Ashram’ etc. are some of the places which are major attraction for travelers coming into Haridwar.

Of late there has been considerable development which has taken place in Haridwar which is turning the city into an important industrial destination as well. Alternatively, the upswing in the real estate sector has also lead to development of a lot of residential and commercial projects which have helped in changing the landscape of the city of Haridwar. The city is well connected with the other parts of the region with an effective road and rail network. The nearest air link which is primarily used for domestic travel is the airport in the city of Dehradun.

Travelers throng the city of Haridwar is thousands on a day to day basis with religious tourism being the main bread earner for the city till date. The city also serves as a stopover for leisure travelers who come in enroute to other destinations around the city. Traveler’s essentials like travel and tour management, sightseeing and accommodation are very well planned and provided for in Haridwar. There are various hotels which have been categorized in different segments which provide accommodation in Haridwar. These hotels which provide accommodation in Haridwar are a perfect blend of past heritage and modern day facilities which are ideal for business and recreation. These accommodation providers in Haridwar are amongst the top hospitality operators not only in the region but in the entire country.