Gangtok Hotels Accommodation

The capital city of the eastern Himalayan Indian state of Sikkim; Gangtok is considered the epicenter or heart of the state’s tourism industry. Located on the eastern side of the Himalayan region; Gangtok with the resident population of little over 30,000 people belonging primarily to the Nepali, Bhutia and Lepcha communities is a major centre for the Buddhist religion. Sikkim which was commissioned as the 22nd state of the country has been a major centre point for trade between the city of Lhasa in Tibet and eastern Indian cities like Kolkata. The modern day Gangtok is the focal point for Tibetology; i.e. the Tibetan Buddhist learning and culture. There are various monasteries and other religious educational institutions also in Gangtok which preach and practice Buddhism.

The city of Gangtok has been developed on the format of linear growth, with almost the entire city being developed along the National Highway Number 31A. Being a hilly city; Gangtok is not well connected with the other parts of the region with the exception of the road link. Road connectivity between Gangtok and nearby hill stations like Kalimpong and Darjeeling are serviced with taxis and cabs and other private vehicles which constitute almost 95% of the vehicular population of the city. The nearest rail link for Gangtok is almost 120 kilometers away in New Jalpaiguri and the nearest airport is in Bagdogra which is on the outskirts of Siliguri. Being a city constituting population of diverse religions and culture, Gangtok celebrates numerous festivals and occasions through the year. In addition to the major festivals which are celebrated across the country like Diwali, Christmas, Holi etc.; people also celebrate the Tibetan New Year which falls in January - February time of the year with equal pomp and show.

There are various ancient monasteries which are located in Gangtok and most of these monasteries have preserved the traditional and historical relics, artifacts and holybooks till date. The city’s revenue source comes in from the Tourism and Hospitality Industry. Gangtok is a preferred destination for travelers from across the globe especially in the spring and summer seasons. A major percentage of resident population is indirectly or directly involved in either of the industries which are the major bread earners for the city. Of late there has been an upward trend on Eco – tourism in Gangtok with adventure sports like mountaineering, trekking and river rafting being some of the more preferred modes of entertainment and engagement for the incoming tourists.

All this has invariably given rise to the demand in tourism and its ancillary service related sectors with travel and tour management, accommodation avenues etc. being in high demand. Accommodation in Gangtok is adequately arranged and accounted for as there are various hotels and service providers in Gangtok which offer excellent and comfortable accommodation services to travelers. There are numerous hotels in different segments which operate in the city and offer exquisite accommodation in Gangtok for the travelers. Depending upon their budgets the travelers can choose from various luxury, heritage, budget and deluxe hotels which operate out of Gangtok and provide accommodation for their guests.