Jaisalmer Hotels Accommodation

Jaisalmer is a small town in the desert state of Rajasthan in the North Western part of the country. Also known as the "Golden City" of the country; primarily because yellow color of its sand which gives it a golden tinge is considered an ideal getaway from the busy and noisy hustle bustle of a normal city life. Apart from the yellow colored sand; Jaisalmer is also famous for its ancient fort and numerous Jain temples which are present in the city. Since the ancient times; Jaisalmer has been ruled by the descendents of Bhatti clan and these were one of the last people in the country to sign a peace treaty with the Britisher's.

Jaisalmer is also a very well known destination of fine leather products especially leather bags which are crafted wild camel’s skins. Also over the years Jaisalmer has also been an important source of natural gas supply to various parts of the country through its natural gas basin.

The small town of Jaisalmer is a very well known tourism hub and tourism is the major industry of this small town. Apart from the Jaisalmer Fort there are various Havelis, Museums and Lakes which are major tourist attractions of the town. Camel safari in the desert sand dunes is the most favored and sought after activity for tourists who come into Jaisalmer. Another tourist relevant place in Jaisalmer is “Bada Bagh”. It is said that anyone visiting the town has to go there in the evening to enjoy the scenic beauty of the place; something which can not be missed at any cost.

Being an important tourist destination; Jaisalmer has ample availability of accommodation for tourists coming in. A part of the Jaisalmer Fort is also used as a hotel and is one of the most premium accommodations offering in the entire town. Alternatively, the tourists also have an option of exploring other accommodation alternatives within the city which provide an insight into the Rajasthan culture with the service and hospitality. There are various local hotels in the Jaisalmer which are an effective accommodation alternative for the tourists. Apart from these there are various other heritage properties or hotels like “Hotel Himmatgarh Palace”, “Hotel Jawahar Niwas Palace” and “Hotel Rang Mahal” etc. which offer wide range of accommodation options for tourists coming into this small town.

The local hotels along with a whole lot of budget hotels like “Hotel Golden Haveli” and “Pleasant Haveli Hotel” provide extensive and exclusive accommodation choices for the guests. These hotels apart from providing accommodation options also help the tourists in organizing excursion trips to various heritage and historical sites within the city.

The economic scenario or source of income for people of Jaisalmer primarily depends on tourism and providing accommodation and other ancillary tourism related services being the core of the business activity of the people. Every possible effort is made by the inhabitants of Jaisalmer that tourists coming into the town do not have to face problems related with accommodation as it is ensured that ample accommodation alternatives are provided.

The other cities worth visiting in Rajasthan are Jaipur, Jaisalmer, Bikaner, Udaipur, Jodhpur and Mount Abu.