Bikaner Hotels Accommodation

Bikaner is the fourth largest city of the desert state of Rajasthan. It is also known as the Garden city of Rajasthan and had been an important administrative destination during the rule of the Rajasthan royalty. Bikaner is famous for its culinary delights with sweet items and Bikaneri Bhujiya being the most well known products of the city. Apart from this, Bikaner is also very well known for the having Asia's biggest cattle farm and leather and handicrafts industry. Another important facet of Bikaner which depicts its cultural heritage is the intricate carving on red sandstone screens which in local language are known as 'Jharokas'. These jharokas or jalis as they are also called can be found in almost all major buildings in Bikaner as well as the famous Junagarh fort. Bikaner is also famous for traditional and unique form paintings which are done on paper and is done with the help of opaque and translucent water colors.

There are various fairs and local festivals which are organized in Bikaner. ‘Karni Mata Fair’, Kapil Muni Fair’ and the ‘Camel Festival’ are some of the most famous festivals and fairs which are organized in Bikaner. Of late; there has been major developments which have been done in the field of education in Bikaner. Bikaner is a very sought after destination from education seekers point of view, this is evident as lots of top Indian schools and renowned Universities have been setup in Bikaner .

Apart from these, Bikaner is quite similar to the other cities of the desert state like Jaipur, Jodhpur, Jaisalmer & Udaipur. They all have various temples and forts and palaces donning the sky line of the cities. The “Junagarh Fort”, “Laxmi Niwas Palace”, “Lalgarh Palace”, “Karni Mata Temple”, “Kolayat” are some of the famous and preferred tourist destinations which are present in the city. Apart from these destinations; the city of Bikaner also houses various historical museums and a state owned archives gallery which keeps records of various important historical data and other important relevant documents.

Being an important tourist destination; Bikaner is very well connected with all major metros and important cities of the country. The city of Bikaner is home to some of the best and well known hotels of the country which cater to the accommodation needs of the travelers from all across the globe as well the country. “Hotel Bhawar Niwas”, “Hotel Gajner Palace”, “Hotel Lalgarh Palace” and “Hotel Raj Vilas Palace” are some of the important heritage hotels in Bikaner, which provide luxurious and top of the line accommodation to travelers along with traditional and cultural hospitality. These Bikaner hotels providing luxury accommodation to the travelers are generally preferred by the foreign tourists or the upper or upper middle class travelers from within the country. For the normal budget traveler; there are ample accommodation options available as well in Bikaner.

There are numerous local hotels as well guest houses which are also an essential accommodation source present in Bikaner.

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