Ludhiana Hotels Accommodation

The largest city in the Indian state of Punjab; Ludhiana, which is located on the old banks of river Sutlej is one of the major industrial cities of the northern part of the country. The city of Ludhiana boasts of the fertile and expensive land banks in the entire country and is amongst the richest districts in India. Ludhiana had been one of the important centres of activity in history during the fall of the Mughal Empire which subsequently was an important period for the rise of Sikhism. There has been lot of historical reference of Ludhiana; as it had been an important passage and centres of activity during different periods various rules in the country and the region.

Ludhiana is often termed as the ‘Manchester of India’ primarily because of being an industrial hub. It is most famous for its knitwear products, an industrial product of which is distributed to almost every part of the country as well as the world. Apart from being a hub for knitwear industry, Ludhiana is also well known in the field of manufacturing of machine tools, diesel engines, consumer goods, tyres & tubes, cycles etc. it is also an important centre for export of various products which are manufactured here. Ludhiana is considered a hub for most of the Non Resident Indian’s who frequent the country and is home to one of Asia’s largest agricultural universities. Infact, in a survey done by the World Bank, Ludhiana has been featured in the list of top 17 cities of the country for doing business.

With business and commercial activities apart from the various tourist preferred locations being the important facets of the city; Ludhiana is a frequented destination with travelers from all corners of the country as well as the world coming in. there are various hotels in Ludhiana which provide exclusive and extensive accommodation alternatives to the travelers coming in’ whether on a business or a leisure trip to the city.

There are plenty of hotels in Ludhiana in various categories providing accommodation to travelers who frequent the city. The other plus point of Ludhiana is that the city is very well connected with other parts of the country making commuting to and from the city very easy. This coupled with the varied accommodation options make it a much sought after destination for the travelers. This easy connectivity of the city with other parts of the country has resulted in an upswing or growth of the hotel industry in the city. There are a lot of hotels in various segments like the luxury, budget, economy which provide accommodation alternatives to guests of their respective categories.

Most of these hotels which provide accommodation alternatives are situated near important destinations or landmarks with in the city. Hotels like ‘Majestic Park Plaza’, ‘Country Inn Suites’ etc. are some of the hotels providing utmost comfort and impeccable standard accommodation to guests in Ludhiana. ‘Hotel Chevron’, ‘Hotel Aditya’, ‘Maharaj Regency’ are some of the best budget hotels providing exclusive accommodation facilities in the city.