Jalandhar city Hotels Accommodation

Jalandhar the eastern city of the state of Punjab is amongst the oldest surviving city of the historical Trigarta empire along with the Pakistan city of Multan. Jalandhar since time immemorial has been an important centre of historical reference. It is believed that Jalandhar was the eastern end of the territory of Alexander’s rule over the world. There have been historical references of various world famous travelers and pilgrims to have visited the city of Jalandhar. The city of Jalandhar is situated in the banks of two important rivers of the country namely Sutlej and Beas. The region is believed to have been a major destination for Buddhist Vihara’s and there is historical reference of a lot of people adopting the Buddhist religion in the city of Jalandhar.

Jalandhar city was burnt by the Sikhs in the late 1750’s and subsequently became an important centre and headquarters for the British after their capture and war with the Sikh’s. City of Jalandhar also houses one of the oldest defense services cantonments in the country. The construction of the cantonment was initiated in the year 1848 and was in the limelight in the year 1920 during the Connaught Rangers mutiny against the British. The city is also an important destination for education seekers with numerous elite educational institutions especially in the field of technical education being present there. The ‘Dr. B.R. Ambedkar National Institute of Technology’ and the ‘DAV Institute of Engineering and Technology’ along with ‘Lyallpur Khalsa College’ are some of the notable educational institutions present in Jalandhar.

Contrary to some of the other cities of the State of Punjab, Jalandhar is more known for the role that it plays in the economic, commercial or industrial sectors rather than tourism. Jalandhar is world renowned producer of leather toll pouches and aprons with most of the buyers being major American and European companies. Jalandhar is also renowned for housing one of the best electrical goods manufacturers who supply top of the line equipments and articles to various parts of the country as well the world. But the most famous industry which has plastered the name of the city of Jalandhar on the world map in the ‘Sports Goods and Equipment Manufacturing’ industry. Most of the top sports goods companies from across the country as well as the world procure finished goods from manufacturers and vendor present in the city. Football balls, cricket bats, racquets etc. are supplied by various manufacturers to world renowned companies from the city.

Being an important commercial destination, Jalandhar, sees influx of lot of travelers who come into the city for commercial or business visits. There is ample availability of accommodation for such travelers within the city at various convenient locations. The city is also a centre for movie distribution business for the entire Punjab and Haryana region and attracts visitor from all walks of life and business professions in the city. Keeping the influx of important business executives and dignitaries in mind, most of the major hotels operating companies have set up their hotels in Jalandhar. These top hotels like the ‘Radisson Windsor Hotel’, ‘President Hotel’, ‘The Maya’ and the ‘Leo Fortune Hotel’ are some of the best in class accommodation providers present in Jalandhar. Apart from these there are numerous other budget and low cost local hotels which are present with the city providing appropriate and effective accommodation alternatives to travelers in various segments and class.