Bhubaneswar Hotels Accommodation

The erstwhile capital city of the ancient Kalinga Empire; Bhubaneswar the present day capital and largest city of the state of Orissa on the south eastern coast of the country is a city with great historical lineage. The modern day Bhubaneswar which is the economic and political centre of the state has been known with various references in the historical data that is available. Names like Nagar Kalinga, Toshali, Ekamra Kanan and Kalinga Nagari have all been associated with Bhubaneswar at some point or the other in the historical references and data available. The city of Bhubaneswar is also known as the ‘Temple City of India’ with numerous temples and religious places for worship being found in different parts of the city. Most of these temples in Bhubaneswar have strong historical background and are a true picture of the Kalinga influence in their architecture.

As per the historical data available the history of the city of Bhubaneswar dates back almost 3000 years. There are various monuments and temples in and around Bhubaneswar like the ‘Lingaraj Temple’ which is an ancient 11th century temple in the old city of Bhubaneswar along with the ‘Jagannath Temple’ in Puri and the ‘Sun Temple’ in Konark, which are major attraction for travelers for leisure as well as religious purposes. Situated on the banks of river Mahanadi; Bhubaneswar was built primarily as a residential city with most of the major industries being on the outer periphery of the city.

The major industries in the modern day Bhubaneswar are Information Technology, Telecommunications and Higher Education. Almost the entire revenue of the state towards Information Technology come from Bhubaneswar and it is considered as one of the fastest growing centres for Information Technology sector in the entire region. Retail and real estate are the other two industries which are experiencing massive interest and growth in Bhubaneswar and various projects have been initiated to substantiate the demand in the city.

Being an important centre and city of the state; Bhubaneswar is connected effectively with the other important cities of the country. The domestic link between Bhubaneswar and other important cities of the country like Delhi, Mumbai etc. is served through an effective air network with daily flights to these destinations. Similar to the air network, the city is very well connected with the road and rail modes of transportation and is used extensively by traveler’s transversing from within and outside Bhubaneswar.

With various activities being the attraction of the city; travelers from all parts of the world come into the city for leisure, religious and commercial visits. This has given rise to demand in tourism and hospitality industry within the city. Tourism and its ancillary industries like travel and tour management and accommodation in Bhubaneswar have seen a rise in demand and there are various service providers who have set up their units to suffice these demands of the travelers. All these hotels provide effective alternates for travel and tour planning along with other travel related ancillary requirements like accommodation, forex management etc. Hotels like The Ginger, Kalinga Ashok, Trident etc. are amongst the best accommodation and other travel related solutions providers in the entire region.