Pune Hotels Accommodation

The eighth largest city of the country of India and the second largest city of the state of Maharashtra; Pune which is situated on the confluence of river Mula and Mutha; is being known to have its existence since 937 A.D. Pune is best known in historical references as a town where the founder of ‘Maratha Empire’; Shivaji lived as a child and the city has also served as the ‘Monsoon Capital’ of the Bombay Residency during the British rule.

In the recent times, the city of Pune has developed into a multifaceted city which is well on its way to becoming an important metro city in the future. Pune is very well known for the various educational opportunities that it offers for aspiring students from across the country as well as the globe. One can find a lot of educational institutions as well as famous and prestigious universalities in Pune, which offer educational opportunities in various fields. Apart from this Pune is also very well known across the country for its contributions in the fields of classical music, literature and sports.

There is more to the city of Pune, than just being an educational and cultural centre. The city since the early 1950’s has been very well known for Metal Forging, Manufacturing and Glass industries. These industries have now been joined with major automotive and information technology companies of the country; making the city of Pune a preferred destination for a lot of people from all walks of life.

The city of Pune has played a very important role in the Military aspect. In historical times, the city had witnessed many a battles which were fought in and around Pune. Even today, the city is an important cantonment town of the country with the headquarters of the Indian Army’s Southern Command being situated in the city. Apart from this the National Defence Academy or NDA for short is situated in Khadakwasla; Pune where cadets are trained to join the Indian Defence Forces. The College of Military Engineering and the Armed Forces Medical College are the other important Defence establishments which are situated in the city of Pune.

Being an important commercial, cultural and social centre, the city of Pune is very well connected with the other parts of the country via the Road, Rail and Air network. Apart from the existing International Airport in the city; plans are underway to construct another world class airport just on the outskirts of the city, which when constructed will be one of Asia’s biggest and most advanced airports. All this activity in the city of Pune attracts a lot of people to frequent the city for various reasons.

With such a large inflow of travelers into the city, ample options are available so that the travelers do not have to face any accommodation related problems. There are various hotels in the city which provide effective accommodation alternatives to the travelers and ensure that they have a satisfied and comfortable stay during their visit in the city. Hotels like the ‘Taj Blue Diamond’, ‘Sagar Plaza’, ‘Sun n Sand’, ‘Central Park’ are some of the 5 star hotel properties in Pune which provide exclusive accommodation services for the guests. Apart from these 5 star hotels; there are various 3 star, budget and local hotels which cater to traveler’s accommodation needs at various price points and segments.