Nasik Hotels Accommodation

Known as the "Wine Capital of the Country"; the city of Nasik lies on the North western side of the state of Maharashtra. Located in the Western Ghats on the banks of river Godavari, Nashik city is famous for picturesque surroundings and favorable climatic conditions. Nashik city has great historical reference as it is known to be the place where Lord Ram spent 14 years of his exile and it from here that Sita, wife of Lord Ram was abducted by Ravana.

The modern day Nashik city is a well known hub for manufacturing and engineering industry. Apart from these agriculture has been fast gaining relevance in the overall economic contributions of the city and Nashik is very well known for some of the best wine yards of the country. Choicest of wines; the quality of which is appreciated world over is produced in Nashik and its surrounding areas. Seeing the response of the wine that is produced from Nashik, special initiatives are being taken by the local administrators to further promote rose farming and wine production industries in the area. These two areas are being looked at as the major contributors in increasing the exports from the city. Big companies like Mahindra & Mahindra, CEAT, and Samsonite etc. have their manufacturing and production units in Nashik. Leadership in the field of Pharmaceuticals production is also something that Nashik is fast achieving compared to other cities which are traditional pharma hubs. World renowned pharma company GlaxoSmithKline and Fem have their base in Nashik making it an important pharma production centre. The list of companies that are present in Nashik does not end here as most of the top and big industrial and manufacturing players are present in the city.

The city is also known for agricultural production and practices with onions and tomatoes apart from grapes being produced in and around the city in large quantities and supplied to other parts of the country. The city is connected with other parts of the country with an effective and efficient road and rail network. Although there is an airport in Nashik, but there is only one domestic flight which is operated between Mumbai from here.

Being an important commercial and economic centre; Nashik attracts a lot floating population of travelers who come into the city for various purposes. Appropriate arrangements are made to ensure that the travelers do not have to face any problem during their stay in the city. Accommodation being an important aspect especially for travelers is very well organized and provided for in Nashik. There are numerous hotels in Nashik which provide effective accommodation solutions to travelers while they are in the city.

Hotels like the Ginger Hotel, Hotel Orange Tree, Rajmahal hotel, Panchwati Hotel are some of the hotels in Nashik which provide exclusive and luxurious accommodation facilities to travelers. Apart from these there are various other local hotels in the city which take care of the accommodation needs of the travelers in Nashik. All the hotels apart from providing accommodation services also undertake entire travel and tour arrangements for their guests for their onward journey to other cities or locations in the state.