Nagpur Hotels Accommodation

The largest city in central India; the city of Nagpur in the western state of Maharashtra is also the third largest city of the state in terms of population. Nagpur has also been ranked as the 114th largest city and 143rd largest urban area in the world. Nagpur city is also centre point or the geographical centre of the country and is an important political and commercial centre hub for the entire western vidarbha region. The city of Nagpur is located at the cross roads or central point of India's North-South and East West routes by rail, road or air means of transport. There are various government funded national level scientific establishments which have headquarters in Nagpur making it an important centre on the domestic as well as the international level.

Nagpur is also an important base in terms of defence services with the Indian Air Force’s maintenance headquarters and Indian Army’s ordinance factory being located in the city. Apart from these the city also houses the Indian Military Law College and NCC Officers training school. The resident population of Nagpur is a mixture of people from different sects and religions from various states of the country and the city is also host to a lot of events of cultural relevance throughout the year. The folk dance festival and the orange city craft mela are some of the events and fairs which are organized in Nagpur at different times during the year. The largest hollow stupa, the Deekshabhoomi which had been an important centre during the Dalit Buddhist movement is also situated in Nagpur.

Nagpur is considered as an important trading and commercial hub of the entire vidarbha region. The Butibori Industrial Area in Nagpur is the largest industrial area in terms of land area in the entire Asian continent. The city of Nagpur is also famously nicknamed as the “Orange City” because of the top quality oranges that are grown in and around the city. Nagpur is also quite well known for its contribution in the field of education. There are various high level and technical education institutions which are situated in Nagpur, imparting top quality education to aspirants from across the country and the globe.

Being an important commercial hub of the region and its central location, Nagpur is very well connected via all means of transport. Infact a first of its kind international cargo hub and airport is also being planned on the outskirts of Nagpur apart from the existing airport facility. Being an important centre; the city is thronged by people from all walks of life for various reasons. Commercial and business reasons being the most important ones of all; adequate arrangements in terms of accommodation are provided in the city for the travelers.

Hotels like Tuli International, Hotel Pride, Hotel Centre Point, Hotel Skylark etc. are some of the top hotels in Nagpur which take care of accommodation needs and other travel related requirements of guests and visitors of the city. All the accommodation facilities which are provided in the city are available at various important landmark destinations or other important centres within the city limits. This makes commuting to and fro from these accommodation facilities or hotels by the guests very easy and hassle free.