Mumbai Hotels Accomodation

Located on the western coast of the country, the city of Mumbai, capital of the Indian state of Maharashtra, is the second most populated city of the world. Mumbai has been made as an amalgamation of seven islands, the original inhabitants of which had been primarily fishermen. Initially, Mumbai was ruled by the Portuguese rulers before the East India Company or the Britisher's took over. During the rule of the Portuguese as well as the Britisher's and even till date, the city of Mumbai has been a business centric town. Post independence and with the advent of time, Mumbai has become the financial capital of the country with all major business and financial activities happening there.

Apart from being the financial capital of the country, Mumbai, is also home to the worlds most important and biggest film making industry after Hollywood. The combination of business and financial activities and the film industry and other business activities, Mumbai contributes to as high as 5%in the countries GDP. Almost 25% of industrial output and 70% of capital transactions of the countries economy take place in Mumbai. Apart from housing the head offices of major corporate and business houses of the country, Mumbai is also home to other important institutions like the Reserve Bank of India, Bombay Stock Exchange, and National Stock Exchange of India etc.

The major population of the city of Mumbai comprises of employees of various state, central government agencies as well as private business houses. The Mumbai Port is one of the countries oldest and most established ports and is a major source of business activity point for the entire country. There are host of other employment avenues with the help of which people earn their day to bay bread and butter. Being an important commercial and business hub, lots of people come to the city of Mumbai in search of livelihood. Although real estate is at a premium in the city, but the availability is ample for the daily walk ins to the city. depending upon what is the kind of accommodation that one is looking at; there are ample options which are available in the city for the people. Right from the residential accommodation options, there are numerous hotels which are targeted to different client segments according to their paying capacities.

The public transport system, i.e. the road and rail transport system in the city of Mumbai is considered its lifeline. The Mumbai local train service transports millions of people within Mumbai from one destination to the other on a daily basis. A mere thought of disruption in its services; sends tremors down an average commuter’s spine.

The city boasts of various other cultural and historical monuments and destinations which are a major source of attraction for the tourists and local residents alike. Places like the Gateway of India, Asiatic Society of Bombay (one of the world’s oldest library), and various other cultural and religious centres are major attraction of the city. apart from this there are various important education institutions which are present in the city providing ample educational and research related avenues for residents and aspirants from across the country.