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Capital city of Indian state of Tamil Nadu; the city of Chennai was set up by the British in the 17th century primarily with the objective of using the city as its naval base, but with the advent of time during the British rule, the city also gained a lot of administrative importance. In the current times, the city of Chennai is the fourth most populated metropolitan city and the fifth most populated city overall of the country. Economic stability and contribution to the country's overall economic basket have always been a forte of Chennai as the major manufacturing units of the country are based out of Chennai or nearby areas. The city of Chennai is also a centre of automobile manufacturing industry. All major auto companies have their plants and manufacturing units in Chennai, thereby giving the city the name of "Detroit" of South East Asia.

Apart from being an important centre for manufacturing and auto industry, the city of Chennai is also the second when it comes to providing Information Technology solutions for the IT or ITES platform for global companies across the world. The city is also base for the second largest film industry of country after Mumbai; commonly known as Kollywood. Apart from that the city is also a major centre for cultural and classical heritage with dance forms like Bharatnatyam and other cultural activates being a regular feature here.

Being a city filled with cultural heritage, there are various monuments with historical value present in the city. Places like the Victoria Public Hall, Fort St. George, Ripon Building, and Parry’s Corner etc. are some of the places which have some history attached with their existence. The city of Chennai also has the third busiest airport of the country which is extensively used by travelers for both domestic as well as international travel. Being on the southern tip of the country, the city serves as an important travel gateway for destinations like South East Asia, Australia etc. the connectivity of Chennai via road with other parts of the country is very well planned and laid out. There are about 5 national highways which link the city with various other destinations or cities of the country.

The city also boasts of one of the largest artificial ports in the world. The Chennai Port along with the Ennore Port serve the city and make it an important commercial and business destination. Intra city transportation is primarily in the different forms of public transport like buses, trains etc. Being an important commercial and manufacturing hub, the city is thronged by lot of people from all walks of life. Accommodation is available in various parts of the city and has been specifically designed to cover the diverse distance in the shortest possible times.

Apart from this the city is also an important centre for education and healthcare research. There are various important Universities and Colleges which are present; giving numerous opportunities for people. Alternatively, similar is the case with the Healthcare aspect. Apart from the various privately funded hospitals and medical research centres; there are various government funded medical institutions which take care of an average citizens healthcare needs.

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