Erode Hotels Accommodation

Situated on the banks of river Kaveri; the city of Erode is an important centre in the Industrial Valley Chain within the state of Tamil Nadu. The other important centres or cities of the Industrial Valley Chain apart from Erode are Salem, Tirupur, Karur, Mettur, Sathy and Mamakkal. Infact Erode is at equidistance from all these cities and serves as an important centre point. The city of Erode has great reference in the Hindu mythology and according to historical evidences it is in Erode that the skull of fifth head of ‘Lord Brahma’ which was severed by Shiva fell from his hand. The place where the skull is believed to have fallen off in Erode is now a renowned and a popular pilgrimage centre known as Kapala Tirtham. Erode is the fourth largest city of the state of Tamil Nadu and is often frequented by travelers from nearby towns of Coimbatore etc.

The city of Erode is divided into two parts with an old historical bridge which runs almost centre of the city. The economy of the city of Erode is dependent on industries and trade. Industries in yesteryears like the carpet and handloom weaving made Erode a very famous commercial destination. In the present day scenario, these traditional handlooms are being converted into technologically efficient and advanced machines and development of various other small scale industries has taken place. These small scale industries in Erode are fast becoming an alternate employment and revenue generator for local residents after agriculture. Beverages, Turmeric production, food products, textiles and metal products production are some of the core areas of competence for residents working in these small scale industries in Erode. Alternatively, there are various large scale industrial units in the field of Engineering; Sugar Mills etc. can also be found in and around the city.

Of late there has been a spurt of development in the education sector in Erode and lot of colleges and educational institutions providing education in various fields have come up. The city also has ample availability of health care services and established players in the field of health care services have set up their units in the city. The city is very well connected with other parts of the country through rail and road network. Although Erode does not have its own airport but there are nearby cities like Coimbatore, Salem and Tiruchirapalli which are at a stone throw away distance from Erode and have airports which have extensive air links with other parts of the country.

There is a major influx of people who come into the city for various reasons. The prime concern of travelers who come into the city is pertaining to provisions of essentials like accommodation, travel and tour management. There are various service providers in Erode which offer solutions to travelers pertaining to these requirements. Some top of the line hotel service providers cater to traveler’s needs of travel and tour management and accommodation in Erode. All these service providers which offer tourism ancillary service solutions and accommodation in Erode are considered amongst the best in the hospitality business and are renowned for their service standards across the region.