Coimbatore Hotels Accommodation

One of the major textile and engineering centres of the country; Coimbatore city is also known as ‘Kovai’ is the second largest city in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu. Coimbatore is situated on the banks of river ‘Noyyal’ and is well known for its expertise and leadership in the field of textile mills, auto parts manufacturing units, engineering firms, healthcare facilities etc. Coimbatore is also often used as a transit city by travelers especially leisure travelers for their forward journey’s to other nearby tourist attraction cities like Coonnor, Ooty and Valparai. The city of Coimbatore is in close proximity to the other prominent southern state of Kerala and the famous pass ‘The Palghat Gap’ is often used to transit between the two states by travelers. Being located on the borders of the Western Ghats, the city of Coimbatore is full of reserve forests and there are various lakes and ponds which are present in the city.

Most of these lakes and ponds which are present in Coimbatore are a preferred destination for various species of birds which come here especially during the August – October time of the year. Bird species like the Painted Stork, Spot – billed Pelican etc. are a few of the birds which migrate to Coimbatore. With the presence of reserve forests in and around Coimbatore; various other species of animals like wild boars, tigers, elephants, bison’s and different species of Deer’s can be found easily. Apart from the lakes and forests, the city of Coimbatore is also very well known for numerous parks which have been created in different parts of the city.

The city is also host to various cultural and religious events and festivals which take place during the year. The Mariamman festival in Coimbatore; which is organized in various temples across the city is one of the major events which are hosted by the city annually. According to historical data available, the city of Coimbatore since time immemorial has been home to various renowned Guru’s, Rishi’s and Saddhu’s; all of whom were also considered to be experts in the field of medicine, yoga and astrology etc. Coimbatore city is also very famous for a sweet dish known as ‘Mysorepa’ which is made with the amalgamation of Ghee and Lentil flour. The sweet is preferred by people not only within the city but also in other parts of the country as well.

The city is well connected through the air, road and rail network to other important destinations. The airport has links not with the major domestic destinations but also with other important international destinations in South East Asia and Middle East. This results in the influx of a lot of people into the city for various purposes. The frequency of commercial as well as leisure travelers frequenting the city is equal and in turn has led to a rise in the demand for hospitality industry. Traveler’s requirements like tour and travel management, sightseeing and accommodation in Coimbatore are very well organized and accounted for.

There are various hotels both in the luxury as well as budget segment which cater to travelers requirements and needs for accommodation in Coimbatore. Alternatively, the city also has various other resorts and local hotels and guest houses which are effective service providers for accommodation in Coimbatore.