Indore Hotels Accommodation

Commonly known as the ‘City of Holkars’; the city of Indore is the commercial capital and the largest city of the state of Madhya Pradesh. Indore city which has a relatively strong industrial base compared to other cities of the state of Madhya Pradesh; was founded by one of the famous queens of the country; Rani Ahilya Bai who was a holkar. The city of Indore to its credit has one of the countries first toll roads and private telephone networks which were a courtesy of the liberalization era post 1991. The city is often referred to as ‘mini Mumbai’ because of the diverse culture and mix of resident population and despite widespread development and industrialization it has been able to maintain its link with its historical past.

Post the British rule and up till the year 1956, Indore was part and capital of Madhya Bharat. Post 1956 with the realignment of the states of the country, Madhya Bharat was merged into Madhya Pradesh and Bhopal city was designated as the capital of the state although Indore remained the largest city and the commercial capital.

The modern day Indore in terms of economic activity is quite similar to other prominent and large cities of the country. The city is famous for its contribution in the fields of clothing, educational services and medicines. There are around 2000 factories in Indore and its surrounding areas like Mhow, Sanwer and Pithampur. A combination of all these make Indore one of the major industrial towns of the country. The retail and services industry within Indore is also on an upswing with many hotels, cinema halls, restaurants and shopping malls coming up in the city. The city has an effective cultural aspect to it with some of the famous performing arts institutes and theatres which are used by artists from across the globe regularly for their performances.

The city is also famous for its culinary delights with dishes like Poha, Chaats and Jalebi being famous world over. Indore Namkeens which is a favorite snack for people is exported and distributed to other parts of the country and the globe. Being a multi cultural society with people from all the religions and different castes having set up Indore as their base, the city celebrates all major festivals with equal interest and likeness.

There are numerous places of tourist’s interest which are also present in Indore. Places like the ‘Rajwada Palace’, ‘Sitalamata Fall’, ‘Patal Pani’, ‘Annapurna Temple’ etc. are some of the few places from the long list of tourist attraction locations. Being an important industrial and commercial town coupled with numerous places and monuments of tourist attraction lead to influx of lot of people for various reasons into Indore.

There are numerous hotels and resorts which have come up in the main city as well as on the outskirts which are an effective source for accommodation and travel and tourism related needs of the travelers. These hotels which provide accommodation in Indore can be classified into various classes or segments and the travelers based on their budgets and needs can avail their services. Apart from these hotels there are various other government supported guest houses and lodges which are an effective source of accommodation for an average budget traveler.