Gwalior Hotels Accommodation

The historic city of Gwalior; located in the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh has been home to various kingdoms and their rulers, who have ruled the region at different times. The landmark ‘Gwalior Fort’ primarily around which the entire city has mushroomed and established; is a prime example of traces of past rulers. According to a legend; the city was founded when Suraj Sen, a prince from the Kachhwala clan wandered onto a secluded hill after losing his way in the forest. He met a saint on the hill and when he asked for water he was offered an entire pond. Impressed by this the prince told the saint to ask for something who asked for a fort to made, and that is how the “Gwalior Fort” was made.

The Gwalior fort has always been considered amongst the most invincible forts of the country and historic Mughal ruler ‘Babur’ described it as the Jewel in the necklace of forts in the country. The Gwalior fort is renowned for its build and architecture with major influence of Chinese designs on it; a reflection of which can be seen on the various pillar hilts which have Chinese dragons made on them. There are other important monuments and historical landmarks present in Gwalior which are very well known for their architectural prowess. Most renowned amongst them are the tomb of great poet and singer, ‘Mian Tansen’ who was also one of the nine designated jewels of King Akbar’s court and the other is mausoleum. Both these monuments are a fine and classic example of Mughal architecture.

The city plays an important part in the art and culture aspects. With numerous famous singers and poets hailing from the city since historical times, the tradition is carried in today’s date by their heirs and other people interested in these fields. World renowned “Tansen Samaroh” an annual classical music event is organized till date which attracts musicians and music lovers from all parts of the world into the city. There are various other folk festivals and events which are organized in Gwalior at various times during the year and a major reason for people to travel into this historic city.   

Gwalior being frequented by people from all corners is very well connected with other parts of the country effectively via the rail, road and air network. The Gwalior airport caters to flights from important Indian cities like Delhi, Bhopal and Indore. The Gwalior railway station serves as an important junction for trains travelling from the northern part of the country to other important sectors and regions.

Being an important cultural and historical centre; city of Gwalior attracts lot of travelers for various reasons. Travel arrangements and management and accommodation in Gwalior are on top priority in the minds of travelers who frequent the city. being in close proximity of other important north Indian cities like Agra, Delhi and Khajuraho also serves as a bonus, as a lot of people come in from these cities to Gwalior and vice versa. There are numerous hotels and resorts which are present in Gwalior which is an effective source of accommodation and travel solutions for travelers. Hotels like the ‘Usha Kiran Palace’, ‘Hotel Landmark’ and ‘The Central Park’ are a perfect blend of heritage, luxury and budget hotels providing accommodation in Gwalior.