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Known as the 'Cultural Capital of Kerala'; the city of Thrissur is located in the central region of the state of Kerala. The fourth largest city of the state of Kerala; Thrissur is famous for various spiritual and cultural activities which include festivals and other religious ceremonies. The Thrissur Pooram festival is one of the most famous and colorful festival in the entire state of Kerala which is celebrated with much fanfare and grandeur. Thrissur is home for various famous temples and churches of the entire southern region with temples like Vadakkumnathan Temple, Paramekkavu temple, Basilica of Our Lady of Dolours and the Metropolitan Cathedral to name a few. The city of Thrissur comes to light during the festival season of Onam, when major religious and cultural activities, festivals and other ceremonies are organized.

During the ancient historical times, the city of Thrissur has always occupied an important position and role in the various political and religious activities. The city has also witnessed rise and fall of various empires and kings who have ruled at various times.

Unlike its other counterpart cities in the state of Kerala; Thrissur has always been an important business hub in the entire southern region and even today it is one of the leading centres for trading in Gold ornaments and Kerala Silk. Thrissur is one of the leading producers or manufacturers of gold jewellery and rolled gold in the entire southern region. Infact, even today; Thrissur manufactures almost 70% of total jewellery that is produced in the state of Kerala. Other prominent industries in Thrissur which contribute substantially towards the economic development of the city are diamond polishing and tire molding. The city is also catching up on the infrastructure development for the IT industry; an area in which the city had somehow lagged behind.

Being an important centre for cultural as well as commercial activities; Thrissur attract lots of people from all parts of the world especially during the festival season. Apart from the festival season there is constant influx of tourists all year round who come into the city to visit the various historical monuments and sites. During the festival season, there is a huge demand of essentials like accommodation and other travel and tour related services. Ample arrangements have been made and sufficient availability of such essentials like accommodation is ensured in Thrissur, so that the in coming travelers do not have to face problems pertaining to any of these things.

There are various hotels and resorts which have come up in and around Thrissur which cater to the incoming tourist population and provide essential and effective accommodation and other ancillary travel and tour related services. These local and budget hotels also cater to the travelers who frequent the city for commercial visits and provide them with exclusive accommodation alternatives.

Ideally if one is looking at savoring the taste of the cultural heritage of the city, then the best time to visit Thrissur is during the Onam festival.

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