Palakkad Hotels Accomodation

Palakkad is better known as the 'rice bowl of Kerala' with most of the rice production happening in and around the city. Palakkad is quite famous for the never ending paddy fields and one can usually find heaps of rice straw lying stored outside the houses in the villages in Palakkad district. Palakkad is an important junction or link between the states of Kerala and Tamil Nadu in the southern part of the country. It is at a stone throw away distance from the nearest town in Tamil Nadu; Coimbatore. Located near the 'Palghat Gap' a natural depression passes through the Western Ghats; Palakkad is approximately 50 kms away from the Tamil Nadu city of Coimbatore.

Palakkad serves as a transit link for travelers who frequent between the two states of Kerala and Tamil Nadu and apart from an existing effective road link between the rest of the state of Kerala and Tamil Nadu; it is very well connected through the rail network as well. Although there is no air link to Palakkad directly and the nearest airport is the International airport in the city of Coimbatore.

The small town of Palakkad is quite famous apart from its paddy fields for other places of tourist’s interest. Places like the Palakkad Fort, Malampuzha Dam, Jain Temple, ‘Parambikulam Wildlife Sanctuary’, ‘Silent Valley National Park’ etc. some of the places of tourist attraction which drive people into Palakkad. ‘Nelliampathi’ is a small hill station town near Palakkad which is known as the ‘Ooty of Kerala’ for its scenic beauty. The town of Palakkad is also home to coffee and tea plantations which are concentrated around the ‘Anamudi’ area. Apart from this Koduvayur area in Palakkad is one of the major markets and a centre for most of the commercial activity that takes place in the region. It is a renowned market for cloth and vegetable dealers from across the region. The same market is also a famous place for a car festival which is organized once a year.

There are various cultural and religious festivals which are organized in Palakkad throughout the year. Popular festivals like Valliya Arattu, Chinakathur Pooram, and Padur Vela etc. are a major draw for tourists to come into the city. Combination of all these aspects makes Palakkad a much frequented city in the state of Kerala. There are various hotels and resorts which operate in the Palakkad region and take care of essential tourist requirements like accommodation, travel and tour planning and organizing etc. Hotels like ‘Hotel Indraprastha’, ‘Emarald Hotel Silent Valley’, ‘Soorya Continental’ etc. are some of the finest hotels in the region which provide effective and efficient accommodation and travel related services for the guests. Apart from these there are various other budget hotels and resorts which are counted amongst the best service provider for accommodation and travel services present in Palakkad.

It is one of the most serene and somber places to visit especially for travelers who are looking at exploring the cultural aspects of the destination as well as looking to get away from the hustle and bustle of a large and busy city.

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