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The second largest city in the state of Kerala, Cochin which is now known as 'Kochi' has also been referred to as the 'Queen of Arabian Sea' in historical legends. The city of Cochin which was and has always been an important centre of spice trade was the prized possession of the Portuguese rule during which it was the capital city of Portuguese India, till the time the capital was shifted to Goa in 1530. Simultaneously; Cochin was also ruled by the Dutch, Mysore rulers and the British. Cochin is an important commercial centre of Kerala with major economic dependence being on shipping, tourism, information technology and international trade. The city of Cochin has also been acclaimed with the title of the fastest growing second tier metro city of India.

Because of the trading volumes, Cochin is known as the economic capital of the state of Kerala. Even though initially; the industrialization of the city was quite limited and slow but for the past few years there has been an increase in the investment and infrastructure development, thus making it the fastest growing second tier metro city of the country. The major economic boosters for the city of Cochin are avenues like spice trade, tourism, information technology, ship building, health services, fishing etc. There are various special economic zones which are funded by the government have come up in and around Cochin. All these zones are fast becoming major commercial and business activity centres and contribute towards the overall economic development of the city.

Apart from these Cochin is also home to important establishments like the headquarters of the Indian Navy’s Southern Command, Cochin Shipyard; the largest ship building facility in the country and Eloor, which is the largest manufacturing and industrial belt in Kerala.

The city of Cochin because of its historical parts still retain traces of era’s of various rulers who have ruled the city at different times. The area of Fort Cochin still retains the colonial traces in the building architecture of various monuments and churches. Historical things like the ‘Chinese Fishing Nets’ only one of a kind present in the entire country which were used in ancient times for fishing are still present in the city and are often still used for fishing.

All this coupled with easy connectivity of the city with other parts of the state and the country through effective rail, road and air networks makes it quite a frequented city by travelers from various different parts. There is a mixture of commercial or business and leisure travelers who use Cochin as a gateway to other parts of the state. Also being rich in cultural and historical heritage makes Cochin also a much wanted tourist destination. This influx of people into the city for various purposes has resulted in rise in demand in the services sector, with areas like accommodation, travel tour planning and management etc. being on top of the priority list.

There are various hotels which provide effective combination of accommodation and travel tour management and planning. One can find hotels in various segments catering to specific category of travelers and all these hotels provide extensive hospitality in their services along with effective accommodation solutions. Apart from these hotels there are various resorts which promote the traditional methods of the state along with providing exclusive accommodation services for their guests.

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