Allepey Hotels Accomodation

Known as the 'Venice of the East' the city of Allepey is famous for its picturesque and breathtaking back waters, lagoons, canals and beaches. The city which is now known as Alappuzha is also famous for a lighthouse which is a historical landmark and a major attraction for tourists coming into the city. The city of Allepey is a major centre for educational institutions with various Arts and Science Colleges along with a Medical College being present in the city.

In ancient times Allepey was an important centre for commercial activities with Spices especially pepper being the major item being exported from here. Apart from the traditional and historical spices trade Allepey is also famous and amongst the largest centre for coir industry. Coir products from Allepey even today are sourced to various markets both domestic as well as international.

Apart from this there are various cultural and spiritual events which are organized in Allepey during different times of the year. Events like ‘Chambakkulam Moolam boat race’ and the Nehru trophy boat race are some of the famous cultural events which are major tourist’s attractions of Allepey.

In the current times, tourism has been the main bread earner for Allepey and majority of resident population is engaged in the sector. Allepey has become a major centre for back water tourism for the entire state of Kerala. There are houseboats which ply in these back waters and can be taken on hire on a daily basis by tourists. All these houseboats generally have two bedrooms with attached washrooms in them. These houseboats in Allepey are also a major attraction for tourists who come into Kerala to explore the back waters. Apart from the backwaters there are various other tourist hotspots which attract lot of people from all across the world.

With the main focus on tourism in Allepey; there has been an increase in demand for services sector in the city to cater to the tourist’s requirements. There are various ancillary service companies which have come up in order to cater to different set of requirements of the tourists. The main sectors like accommodation travel and tour planning etc. are in high demand in Allepey and various service providers have set up their operating units to cater to these requirements. Apart from these houseboats which are a unique and one of kind accommodation solution, there are various other resorts and hotels which operate in Allepey.

5 star hotels like the “Marari Beach Resort’, ‘Lemon Tree Vembanad Lake Resort’ and ‘Lake Palace Luxury Backwater Resort’ and 3 star hotels like the ‘Arcadia Regency’ and the ‘JCT Houseboat’ are an effective source of accommodation in Allepey. There are various other budget and local hotels as well in Allepey which provide effective accommodation and travel solutions for travelers. These hotels and resorts are amongst the best in their field and every minute detail towards the guests requirements are very well taken care off.

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