Jammu and Kashmir Hotels Accommodation

Known as the city of ‘Temples’, the city of Jammu which is the winter capital of the northern Indian state of Jammu & Kashmir has picturesque and beautiful skyline which is full of various mountain tops known as ‘Shikhars’ in the local Hindi language. Jammu city is one of the most popular and frequented Hindu pilgrimage city which is thronged by Hindu’s from not only within the country but from across the globe. The city is amongst the largest economic contributor for the entire state with religious tourism being its main forte. The famous Hindu shrine ‘Vaishno Devi’ which is just a couple of hours drive from the main city centre attracts pilgrims of all ages from different parts of the globe.

According to historical data available; the city was found incidentally by a king known as ‘Raja Jambu Lochan’ while he was on a hunting trip with his friends. He was on the banks of River Tawi when he saw a lamb and a tiger drinking water side by side. He believed that the place must have some thing supernatural in it where a lion and a lamb are having water simultaneously and then walking away. He got a fort made which was constructed by his brother known as ‘Bahu Fort’ and the city was named as Jambu Nagar and subsequently Jammu. Recent archeological excavation has revealed traces of the city being a part of the ‘Harrapan Civilization’.

Jammu city is a fine example of a multicultural society with people of various religions living here. Hindu population is the largest amongst the local residents with Muslim and Sikhs constituting the rest. Various languages like Dogri, Hindi, Urdu, Poonchi, Punjabi and Gojri are spoken by residents in Jammu. The city has rich and vast expanse of temples, shrines, forts and gardens. The Nandini Wildlife Santuary, Manasbal Lake, Peer Kho Cave and Raghunath Temple are some of the important landmarks and destinations which attract thousand of tourists to the city. The resident population of the city also celebrates various festivals through out the year. Festivals like Lohri, Navratari, and Urs etc. are some of the famous festivals which are celebrated with great fervor within Jammu.

Thousand of religious travelers or pilgrims throng Jammu to visit ‘Vaishno Devi’ or to proceed to an onward journey to other pilgrim destination like Amarnath. Jammu city has extensive links with other parts of the northern region as well as the rest of the country through effective rail and air link network. The road link connecting Jammu is one of the most modern and comprehensive road link in the country.

Being an important pilgrim destination; the city attracts travelers from different income strata into its fold. There are various accommodation and travel and tour related options which are available in Jammu and with the infrastructure development things and facilities are being improved at a rapid pace. There are numerous hotels and travel service providers which provide accommodation and travel assistance services in Jammu. All these hotels which provide accommodation solutions in the city are counted amongst the best service providers in the region and can be found in different class segments.