Himachalpradesh Hotels Accommodation

The Indian state of Himachal Pradesh, quite reminiscent to its name which means ‘region of snowy mountains’ is a hilly state located in the northern part of the country. The state which was the 18th state of the union of India was also referred to as ‘land of gods’ or ‘deva bhumi’ in historical references. Himachal Pradesh is one of the highest per capita income states of the country and with the presence of various rivers; it is one of the largest producers of hydro electric power which is supplied to various other neighboring states. The state which was rated as the second least corrupt state of the country after Kerala thrives on production of hydro electric power, agriculture and tourism as its main economic drivers. Himachal Pradesh came into prominence during the British rule, wherein cities like Mandi, Bilaspur and Chamba made progress in various fields.

There is stark difference in the climatic conditions in various parts of Himachal Pradesh. Being a hilly state full of mountain ranges, the temperature of different parts is dependent on the kinds of ranges that it is present in. There are areas like ‘Dharamshala’ in Himachal Pradesh where the density of rainfall and cold climate is too high. Then there are areas like ‘Lahaul & Spiti’ which are quite cold but almost have zero rainfall. Shimla; the capital city of the state of Himachal Pradesh was made the summer capital of the country during the British rule is the administrative headquarters of the state in today’s time.

Himachal Pradesh is very well connected with the neighboring states and their important cities through an effective road network. It is very well known for traditional forms of manufacturing and handicrafts. Carpets, Shawls, Wood work, paintings and leather products are some of the most appreciated products which come out from Himachal Pradesh and are in high demand all across.

Being a state of great historical reference and lineage, there are various places and monuments of cultural and historical importance in different parts of Himachal Pradesh. All these monuments and historical structures are a major attraction for tourists to come into the state. Apart from these there are various important cities in the state which are considered a heaven for tourists and travelers.

A combination of all this accounts for influx of travelers from across the globe to frequent the state of Himachal Pradesh. All the relevant tourists’ essentials like accommodation, travel and tour management and planning are very well accounted for in the entire state. Looking for accommodation in Himachal Pradesh is a hassle free and a very easy task with all major hotel chains of the country present in various cities across the state. Apart from this there are various booking and information help centres in other important cities of the country like Delhi, Mumbai etc. from where travel and accommodation in Himachal Pradesh can be arranged and organized for.

All the major hotels, resorts etc. which provide accommodation and travel solutions for the travelers and which operate in the state are rated amongst the best service providers in their industry and cater to each and every minute details of their guests.