Faridabad - A Brief Outline of Accommodation

The industrial town on the outskirts of the National Capital of the country Delhi; Faridabad, which in the past has been one of the biggest industrial towns of the continent; was founded by the treasurer of the Mughal ruler Jahangir named Sheikh Farid. Faridabad was established primarily with the purpose of protecting the highway which runs through the city dividing it into two parts. Faridabad is located on the southern side of the capital city of Delhi and is easily accessible from other NCR towns like Noida & Gurgaon apart from Delhi. It is also one of the most populated cities of the state of Haryana in the present day scenario. In addition to its expertise in the field of industrial development; the city of Faridabad is also famous for Henna. It is an herbal powder which is generally used for beautification purposes and large quantities of the product made in Faridabad are exported to different parts of the country as well as the world. Automobile production especially Tractors & Motorcycles and their spare parts are the forte of the city and various producers are employed in this field.

Other important and renowned products which are manufactured in Faridabad are Refrigerators and Tyres. The city of Faridabad is a major contributor for economics for the entire state. Faridabad coupled with the other major city of the state Gurgaon accounts for almost 50% of Income Tax revenue for the government. It also accounts for almost 60% of total revenues which are generated in the entire state. Primarily the residents are involved in commercial activities with presence of various small scale industries in addition to the big manufacturing units that are present in Faridabad.

Faridabad is majorly a residential town with the residents involved in some or the other commercial activity. In the earlier times, agriculture was the primary economic contributor for Faridabad; but with the influx of people from all corners and massive population explosion; most of the agricultural land has been converted into residential areas. The city is very well connected with the other parts of the region the rail and road network. Being in close proximity with the capital of the country Delhi; Faridabad does not have an exclusive airport facility and the existing Delhi airport is used by the residents for air travel.

There are certain places of visitor’s interest which are present in Faridabad. The Badkhal Lake, Nahar Singh Fort etc. are a few of locations which are of tourist attraction in and around Faridabad. The city is also host to an annual ‘Crafts Mela’ or exhibition which attracts craftsmen from across their country who display their works. This 15 days fair is a well known affair and attracts visitors from far flung areas.      

Being in close proximity with the capital city and an important commercial and industrial town; Faridabad attracts a lot of floating population in the city. There are various avenues which travelers can explore in order to arrange for accommodation in Faridabad. Hotels like the Mahalakshmi Palace, Delite, and Claridges etc. are some of the finest hotels which offer accommodation and other travel related services in Faridabad.