Dwarka Accommodation

Ranked amongst the seven most ancient cities of the country; Dwarka city in religious references has been known as the dwelling place of Lord Krishna. The historic city of Dwarka according to historic records available has been believed to have been submerged under the sea 6 times and the present modern day city is the seventh time that the city has come to life. Dwarka which lies on the western most tip of the country in the Jamnagar district of the state of Gujarat is located in an area which is close the submerging point of river Gomti into Gulf of Kutch. Dwarka is also often referred to as the holy city of the country and various temples and places believed to have traces of Lord Krishna being popular tourist hot spots. According to a legend the city of Dwarka was built by renowned Hindu architect 'Viswakarma' and houses a famous 5 storied temple known as the 'Dwarkadhish Temple' which was made by the grandson of Lord Krishna, Sambha.

The city is also home to various other shrines of family and close associates of Lord Krishna. Shrines of Rukmani Devi, Balrama, and Devaki & Vasudeva are counted amongst other tourists preferred places within Dwarka. The Rukmani Devi shrine in Dwarka is an architect’s delight with its palace like architecture and is home to various other shrines within its complex. Dwarka along with Badrinath, Rameshwaram and Puri is counted amongst the sacred 4 main ‘Dhams’ according to Hindu mythology. The city has references in the holy Mahabharata and is believed to have founded the city after raging a war on Mathura in which he had defeated the evil Kansa.

A lot of research and archeological studies have been on since a long time in Dwarka and there have been traces found under water near the existing city which point out towards the fact that a proper city had existed close to the 2nd Millennium BC. There are various other places of interest in the city of Dwarka. Places like Nageshwar Temple, Dwarka Pitha, Somnath Temple and Brahma Kund etc. are only a few of the long list of tourist attraction places to see in Dwarka.

Since there is so much of historical and cultural lineage attached with the city of Dwarka; it is a major centre for religious pilgrimage apart from tourism. Infact, these two avenues are the main economic drivers and source of revenue for the city and its residents. With the influx of people; hospitality requirements like accommodation, sightseeing and travel management become the prime concerns for travelers. Hospitality industry ancillary like travel and tour management, sightseeing and accommodation in Dwarka are very well and effectively provided. There are various hotels and resorts in and around the city of Dwarka which provide effective accommodation and other hospitality ancillary services solutions for the travelers.

Hotels like City Palace, Guruprerna Hotel, Meera Hotel and Darshan Hotel are some of the finest accommodation and hospitality providers in the city of Dwarka catering to travelers.