Goa Hotels Accommodation

Located on the western sea coast of the country, Goa is the smallest state of the country as per the land size and is the fourth smallest state as per the resident population. Situated in what is known as the Konkan region on the banks of Arabian Sea; the capital city of Goa is Panaji with Vasco da Gama being the largest city. Goa has great historical past and there are traces of Portuguese culture in the buildings and overall setup of Goa; as Portuguese had set up their base in the 16th century. Tourism is the main economic source for residents of Goa and it houses some of the world renowned beaches and historical churches and other places of worship.

In history there are legends of Goa being an important centre for Buddhism but later on during the Portuguese rule, substantial part of the population converted to Christianity. As of date, the maximum percentage of resident population practices Hinduism followed by Christianity. Post independence in the year 1947 from the British; talks were also initiated with the Portuguese for release of Goa to the government of union of India; but there refusal led to initiation of armed assault by the Indian army in the year 1961 which got Goa along with Daman and Diu released from the rule of Portuguese and was made into a Union Territory. In the year 1987, Goa was demerged from Daman and Diu as the Union Territory and was converted into the 25th state of the country.

The land of Goa is rich in natural resources and apart from tourism; mining is the second most important economic drivers of the state. A combination of these two economic drivers makes Goa one of the richest states of the country. In the past couple of years Goa has also become a major hub of Iron Ore export to other countries across the world and more than 30% contribution in overall iron ore exports has come from here. Being an important tourist and commercial centre; Goa is very well connected with the rest of the country and the world. Goa Airport and two rail links along with an effective road network make commuting to Goa for travelers very easy and hassle free.

The state being an important commercial and tourism hub does handle close to 12% of total tourist population which comes in the entire country. There are mainly two tourist seasons in Goa; the summer as well as the winter season. Availability of accommodation does become a tad difficult, especially during the tourist seasons. The state of Goa is thronged by people from across the globe and the country in hordes and not having prior accommodation arrangements can be a risky proposition.

Since most of tourist activity is concentrated towards the coastal belt in Goa; ample accommodation alternatives are available for travelers around this region itself. Apart from the beaches, Goa is also famous for various Churches, Forts and Temples which are an added tourist attraction centers. There is ample availability of accommodation near these centers with some of the countries top most hotel service providers setting up their units here. The goan culture and cuisine are also quite popular things to have come out of Goa and are known quite well all over.