Patna Hotels Accommodation

Capital city of Indian State of Bihar; Patna is the modern avatar of ancient historical city of Pataliputra which has significant historical lineage and past attached to it. Located on the bank of river Ganges; Patna is ranked as the 14th most populated city of the country and is also amongst the continuously inhabited places in the world. Patna or Pataliputra according to historical references was the power centre of Magadha Empire under various dynasties by being the capital city Patna or then Pataliputra was considered a centre of learning and fine arts with various historical and cultural references emerging from the city. The city of Patna has till date greatly contributed in the religious aspects for different religions which are practiced within the country. It is home to various temples and places of worship for Hindu, Jain and Buddhist religions and the Patna city is also known to be the birth place of Guru Gobind Singh, the founder and first commander in chief of the Sikh Khalsa Army.

Patna has been a centre for education and learning since time immemorial and till date it houses some of the finest and prestigious educational institutions of the country in various fields. The city has also been ranked as the 2nd best city to start business in; in a recent survey conducted by the World Bank. Also Patna is considered as the 21st fastest growing city in the world and has been included at number 5 in the fastest growing cities of the country. Historical data available ascribes that the city was created by King Putraka for his Queen Patali by magic and the city was given name Patligrama. The name was subsequently changed to Pataliputra, when the first son was born to the queen. In modern times, the name was changed onto Patna.

Since ancient times, Patna has always been an important centre for commercial activities and has been amongst the top exporters of sugarcane, rice, sesame and grain and has been an important commercial and business hub for the entire eastern region. In modern times, with the advent of time and infrastructure development, a lot of multinational companies are coming into the city and setting up their offices. Apart from this Patna is also very well connected to other parts of the country via the air, rail and road networks. Being an important commercial and business hub along with effective connectivity with other parts of the country have made Patna; the gateway to East India.

This has given rise to advancement and development of service industry with most of the top hotel chains of the country setting up their hotels. These hotels work out as an appropriate and an ideal accommodation provider for travelers who come in the city for business or commercial trips or using the city as a transit point for the onward journey. These accommodation providers in Patna are present in various segments catering to large variety of travelers. Be it a business executive on an official visit or leisure traveler on a transit trip through the city, there are ample and effective accommodation alternatives available within Patna. There are various top quality luxury, budget and local hotels in Patna which provide excellent accommodation along with exceptional service standards for travelers during their visit.