Secunderabad Hotels Accommodation

Secunderabad which in real sense is the satellite town of the capital of Andhra Pradesh; Hyderabad is in common references considered synonymous with Hyderabad. Infact, the twin cities in combination are the fifth largest metro of the country. The city of Secunderabad came under the direct rule of the British during the pre independence period while the city of Hyderabad was under the rule of the Nizams. Despite the proximity of the two cities; both are very different when it comes to historical references and their present scenario. Secunderabad city was founded somewhere in the 18th century and was primarily used by the British as a cantonment city. Even today Secunderabad is the largest cantonment city of the country, with major presence of the defence forces within. Geographically there is only one lake the ‘Hussain Sagar Lake’ which separates the cities of Secunderabad and Hyderabad.

Secunderabad is a perfect mixture of various religions and cultures and that is reflected in the places of worship of different religions. There are numerous well renowned temples which are visited by Hindu worshippers in addition to the historical churches and mosques present in the city. Secunderabad also boasts of effective sports and recreation facilities with places like the ‘Polo Grounds’, ‘Parade ground’, ‘Gymkhana Ground’ and ‘Golf Course’. Shamirpet Lake which is on the outskirts of Secunderabad is delight for bird watchers as there are a lot of birds which frequent it during the October to March season. Coupled with the deer park, the lake serves as an ideal weekend getaway for the residents of Secunderabad.

The city is also very well known in the fields of education and research. It has various educational institutions which had been set up during the British rule and till date are renowned for the standards and practices that they maintain. Secunderabad has dedicated areas wherein most of the commercial activities of the city are concentrated. Areas like the R.P. Road, M.G. Road, Paradise Circle, Park Lane and Karkhana etc. are some of the major commercial and economic centres of the city. Secunderabad is also a very important hub from the transportation aspects. The Secunderabad railways station which is the headquarters for the South Central Railway is also the largest and amongst the oldest railway stations of the country. The road link with Hyderabad and other important cities of the region is quite effective and convenient to use. Although Secunderabad does not have a dedicated airport and it shares the one in Hyderabad, the airport is much more convenient to access by people of this city.

Being in close proximity to Hyderabad enables residents and travelers to criss cross between the twin cities with relative ease. Apart from the various hotels which provide accommodation to travelers in Hyderabad; the city of Secunderabad also has various well known and famous hotels which cater to travelers. All these hotels which provide accommodation in Secunderabad make effective arrangements so that the travelers or guests needs and requirements are very well taken care of. Most of these accommodation providers in Secunderabad maintain the best standards in terms of hospitality and service to ensure that the guests have a memorable and comfortable stay.