Hyderabad Hotels Accommodation

Most commonly referred to as the ‘City of Nizams’ or the ‘City of Pearls’; Hyderabad is the capital city of one of the most populated states of the country; Andhra Pradesh. The city of Hyderabad is classified amongst the topmost growing cities of the country and is a perfect combination of cultural heritage and modernization. On one side Hyderabad is home to one of the oldest landmark monument of the country ‘the Charminar’ which has great historical reference and on the other side it is also a base for world’s largest film studio which is the Ramoji Film City. It is also an important centre for Information Technology industry in the country, with some of the major industry leading companies having their facilities operating in the city.

According to archeological records the city of Hyderabad was founded around 500 years ago. Also traces of certain Iron Age sites have also been found near the city which are believed to be from 500 B.C. era. The prominence of Hyderabad came post the capturing of the city by the Mughal ruler Aurangzeb; who appointed governors who would rule the city. these governors were later known as the ‘Nizams’ generations of whom ruled till the Independence of the country from the British rule, post which the city or the presidency was merged into the Indian Union. During the rule of the Nizams; Hyderabad gained both culturally as well as economically. Major development and growth of the city took place during that period and various infrastructure enhancements and creation of various reservoirs etc. was undertaken. During the last part of 1956, post attaining freedom from the British rule, various states were reorganized in the country based on linguistic patterns. The Telugu speaking Hyderabad was merged into Andhra Pradesh and was made the capital city of the state.

The city of Hyderabad is the largest contributor to the state’s GDP as on date and is the economic and financial capital of Andhra Pradesh. In addition to being one of the major centres for Information Technology business; the city is also very well known for pearls, saris, silverware, hand crafted items, lacquer bangles and the world renowned Kalamkari and Nirmal artifacts and paintings. After Bangalore; it is the most preferred destination for some of the major Pharma giants of the country. Culturally, Hyderabad has always been considered a city where the distinct North Indian and South Indian cultures meet. The local residents who are known as ‘Hyderabadis’ follow a distinct culture which is a mixture of Hindu and Islamic tradition. Hyderabad is also renowned for its cuisine which is a mixture of Persian and Traditional South Indian Cuisine. Hyderabadi biryani is a dish which has attained iconic status across the globe.

The modern day city boasts of exclusive sports and recreation infrastructure and effective educational and research facilities. The city is also very well connected with other parts of the country through an effective combination of road, air and rail link.

A combination of all this makes Hyderabad a much vaunted and frequented city by travelers from all walks of life. Tourism essentials like accommodation and other ancillary services like travel and tour management; are effectively provisioned for in Hyderabad. There are numerous service providers in the services sector which provide end to end travel and tour and accommodation solutions in the city. Numerous luxury and budget hotels cater to accommodation needs and various tour management agencies take care of other travel related requirements of the travelers.