Guntur Hotels Accommodation

One of the most important commercial districts of the state of Andhra Pradesh, Guntur city has various facets to it. On one side the city is an important commercial centre with various business houses and contribution of agriculture and industry in the economic development and on the other it has a substantial historical lineage with various monuments and places of importance being present. World wide the city of Guntur is famous for being a leader in exports of tobacco, cotton and chilies which are supplied to different parts by numerous producers and sellers present in the city.

Guntur city is a perfect example of a multicultural society and the resident population comprises of people who follow and practice different religion. Infact, this diverse and multicultural society is known to be the positive point of Guntur and the residents are applauded for the harmonious relation that they maintain with people of different castes and sects. Infact the city of Guntur is one of the very few cities in the world which has a Jewish synagogue and a very rare and almost distinct Jewish tribe; descendants of which also live here. The residents of the city celebrate various festivals throughout the year. These festivals like Deepavali, Sankranti, Christmas, Eid, Ramadan etc. are celebrated with great pomp by members of all the communities together.

Farming, Industrial units and Chili, Cotton and Tobacco production and exports are the major economic drivers for the city of Guntur. The land in the Guntur region is considered to be one of the most fertile lands available and hence is effectively used in farming. There is also an effort which has been initiated by the local administration of Guntur which is to renovate the Nizamapatnam harbor facility in order to make it one of the important ports of the country for commercial activities. Guntur is also very highly rated when it comes to education and academic research options. There are numerous educational institutions and university which provide extensive and effective educational alternatives for the aspirants.

Alternatively, there are numerous places of tourist interest and attractions which are also present in Guntur. The Uppalapadu Nature Conservation bird sanctuary, Prakasam Barrage, Undavalli caves, Sitanagram, Nagarjuna Sagar Dam and Ethipothala Falls are some of the places which are frequented by travelers from across the country in Guntur. The city is connected to other parts of the region and country through an effective roadways and railway network. Guntur does not have a dedicated airport and the nearest airport is in Hyderabad which is approximately 5 hours drive.

The multifaceted city of Guntur attracts people from all walks of life who visit the city for numerous reasons. Guntur city has ample availability of service providers which look after travel related requirements. There are numerous operators which take care of travel related requirements of the travelers. Accommodation in Guntur is also very well provided for. There are numerous hotels in different categories which provide accommodation in Guntur. Most of these service providers or hotels which provide travel services and accommodation in Guntur are counted amongst the best players in the region and are known for their standards and hospitality.